Our History

Since my earliest childhood, I have been passionate about interior design and aesthetics in general. My academic background was mostly business oriented, I specialized in international business and marketing. After a couple of months of working in cabinets and startups, I really started to get frustrated not to work and enjoy my passion : interior design.Then I decided to quit my job and start my own interior design studio. Quickly, projects were more and more important and I started to surround myself with a talented team of designer sand architects coming from different world class agencies. Now, our work is dedicated to the best luxury apartments in Paris and Villa in France. We work with the most talented kraftman in our

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Our approach is to design interior spaces that last over time and trends.We love to create interiors which fit our client personality and expectations. We are far away from the micro trends, we prefer to design sophisticated, elegant and timeless interiors. Todo so, we mostly use natural materials such as wood, marble, leather, metal…We love the Haussmannian architecture and try to preserve as much as possible in our projects, while we integrate modern features.For us, a project is successful when we have the feeling that the space has never been transformed, when circulations feel natural, with all the modern comfort.

détail moulures plafond
Xavier Lemoine architecte d'intérieur - plan - matériau


Quickly, our meticulous work has been recognized and published among medias and specially in a luxury book, where our project Victor Hugo is featured.

Team and organization

Our talented is based in paris. It is composed of Xavier Lemoine, CEO, who is in charge of the global management, artistic direction and business developpement. Prescilia is an associate and CFO. A team of project managers take charge of our different projects. They cover all aspects of the project, from material sourcing to the daily follow up.

photo xavier lemoine avant projet
Réunion préparation de projet
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