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Creating timeless, elegant and cozy interiors is your passion. Our talented team creates tailored made interiors, according to the personal tastes for each of our clients.


Every project starts with a good brief. We make sure to understand all your functional requirements and tastes before we start to sketch your project.Every tiny detail is taken into account to make sure that it feels at home in your Parisian apartment. Half of our clients do not live in Paris. So we have a very effective process to collect all your information and make sure that everytime time we meet physically or in visio, is to create value to your project.
Console Côme - Xavier Lemoine architecte d'intérieur


All of the wishes you shared with us are drafted and turned into concept design. They consist of floor plans illustrating the proposed furniture layouts and any structural changes that may be required. Moodboards of materials and shopping lists are also part of the global concept.We also provide 3D visuals to make sure that you can project yourself in your future interior.This is a very collaborative stage, and we need as much feedback as possible to iterate and find the perfect proposal for you.
concept, moodboard of materials


At this stage, our project managers will attend weekly meetings with all the companies working on your project. We make sure that every detail we draw is well implemented.
realisation project
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